As a digital illustrator, Andrew Wheatley’s work reflects a continuation of the surrealist and dadaist artists that act as his inspiration—Magritte, Duchamp, Ernst—bringing them into the Millennial era. Wheatley merges pop culture (from Twin Peaks to The Simpsons to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas); contemporary topics like climate change, imperialism, and capitalism; literature (Watership Down, Alice in Wonderland, 1984, Dante’s Inferno), and witty observations of the mundane (breakfast, Easter, squirrels). Using image components from historical sources and using plant and animal motifs, Wheatley’s work is uncanny, surreal, at turns frightening and delightful, historical yet out of time. Taken together, his work is a glance into a unique universe of Wheatley’s making. A member of the Long Island City Artists and Sunnyside Artists, Wheatley has exhibited his work at Plaxall Gallery, Citi DeFord Gallery, The Factory LIC, and Flushing Town Hall.

In the past, he has illustrated for The Guardian, Wired, The Globe & Mail, The Leeds Guide, The Ecologist, and New Internationalist. Wheatley’s work was exhibited for the 2008 Association of Illustrators' Images 32 Exhibition: The Best of British Contemporary Illustration, and the Association of Illustrators' Survive Exhibition in 2010.